⚠ Misinformation
❌ The Bryansk media cover the topic of the nuclear strike that Ukraine was allegedly preparing to inflict. It is reported that if Russia had not started a war against Ukraine, the latter would have “used” dirty “bombs to contaminate radiation in Belgorod, Bryansk, Rostov-on-Don and Simferopol.” Thus, the Russian media justify the beginning of an aggressive war.
⚠ Fake
❌ In the Russian-occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol, the invaders distribute newspapers with columns with the thesis: “Mariupol was taken without destruction and death of civilians.” Such propaganda publications are actively distributed at humanitarian aid points.
⚠ Misinformation
❌ The Russian Defense Ministry has accused the United States of involvement in an outbreak of monkeypox around the world: “The disease was brought from Nigeria, where four American biolabs are located. At the same time, laboratories in Ukraine were connected with them. “

JRS reports on the shelling of Artemsil and Donetsk region and denies the most common fakes.

You need to buy salt! Salt will not be sold anywhere!

Due to the shelling of the occupiers and the danger to the lives of workers, the state enterprise Artemsil, located in Soledar, Donetsk region, stopped salt production in April. But in large chain supermarkets there is a stock of salt of several thousand tons.

Salt has risen several times!

Due to high demand and the “opportunity to earn” in retail stores and markets, the price of salt is artificially inflated.
But it is the massive purchase of salt in large quantities that leads to shortages and further price increases!

Sausage producers and canneries have bought all the salt!

Sausage and smoked producers use imported specially prepared salt. Large producers, in addition to their own stocks of salt in warehouses, have concluded additional agreements on the supply of salt from abroad.

❌ Propaganda media of the Russian Federation reported that “in the EU, which initially welcomed Ukrainian refugees, other processes are now taking place – Ukrainians are being evicted en masse from hotels, deprived of benefits and payments.”
⚠️ Fake
❌ The media of the horde spread information that the An-225 “Dream” plane, towed by the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the fighting near the Gostomel airfield, was towed from the hangar. Now it will be disposed of – the aircraft will be dismantled into metal. “
⚠️ Manipulation
❌ The media of the horde, referring to the “leaders” of the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhia region reported that the transfer of former Ukrainian bases to the use of the USSR will ensure the constant presence of orcs, which will guarantee the security of Zaporizhia region. It will give understanding, peace of mind and security guarantees. “

JRS reveals: during 25.05 the occupiers spread misinformation, fakes and manipulations
The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation S. Shoigu stated: “Russia has slowed down the pace of the offensive in Ukraine to evacuate the population. According to the Ministry of Defense, silence regimes are being announced and humanitarian corridors are being created to get residents out of the surrounding settlements. “
Russian lawyers said: “Lawyers are convinced that NATO should be tried for violating the right to life after the uranium depletion of civilians in Yugoslavia, as NATO has avoided responsibility for the bombing by declaring judicial immunity through which the bloc cannot be prosecuted.”
“The monkeypox epidemic in Russia is impossible because Russia has a quality test system and a high percentage of vaccinated citizens. According to the head of the department, there is no need for a new vaccination, ”the Russian media continue to spread this thesis, referring to the head of Rospotrebnadzor A. Popov.

By Treadstone 71

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