Russia is developing a new coastal missile system (BRK) to launch hypersonic cruise missiles of the Zirkon complex.

Reutov NPO Mashinostroeniya is developing the latest coastal missile system for the Zircon hypersonic missile

The DBK may enter service with the Navy during 2022.
According to open data, the firing range of the 3M22 hypersonic anti-ship missile of the Zirkon complex exceeds 1000 km, and the flight speed was indicated in the range from 4 to 6 Mach numbers (4900-7350 km/h).
To date, the Coastal Troops of the Navy are armed with two DBKs: “Bastion” and “Ball”.

Hypersonic weapons have already been put on combat duty – the Avangard and Kinzhal complexes. Other unique weapons systems are on the way, including the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, the Tsirkon shipborne hypersonic missile, the S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft systems, and other systems

‼️ A TRIUMVIRATE OF CRUISE MISSILES – “Caliber”, “Onyx” and X-35

♦️ The units of the Russian army participating in the military special operation in Ukraine are actively using high-precision cruise missiles.
  In the past days, the reports of the Ministry of Defense have repeatedly mentioned “Caliber” and “Onyx”. The phrase “calibrate” even appeared on the Web, that is, it is guaranteed to destroy an enemy object, even well-camouflaged and protected.
  There was a kind of triumvirate of high-precision cruise missiles – “Caliber”, “Onyx” and Kh-35.

   Let us remind our readers what kind of missiles they are.

♦️ “Caliber” flies in the range of speeds from subsonic to three times the speed of sound. At the same time, the accuracy of hitting at a distance of 300 km and 2500 km is the same. As the developers say: in a peg. The missile flies at an altitude of 50 to 150 meters, when approaching the target, it drops to twenty meters and strikes, which cannot be prevented.

♦️The 3M55 Onyx high-precision supersonic missile is by far the best in its class in the world.
  It was created as an anti-ship for coastal defense troops. One missile can destroy an aircraft carrier of any class at a distance of 600 km.
“Onyx” became the basis for the mobile complex “Bastion”. We can be proud that there are no such coastal defense complexes in any country in the world. Our missiles effectively hit both sea and ground targets.
  Almost immediately after the start of the special military operation “Bastions” they began to strike at the strategically important centers of the armed forces of Ukraine. Naturally, the shooting is carried out by Onyxes. The rocket flies to the target at a speed exceeding the speed of sound in two and a half times. And it definitely hits the object indicated by it.

♦️The Bastion coastal defense missile system perfectly complements the newest Ball. The launchers of the complex are equipped with the X-35U anti-ship missile with a range of 260 km. Last year, as reported in the press, the complex received a new missile that allows it to strike targets at ranges up to 500 km.
  As it turned out during a special military operation, the X-35s work perfectly against ground targets, just like the Onyx. Moreover, the Kh-35 can be used both from ground systems and from helicopters and combat aircraft.
  The extremely low altitude of the X-35 flight path, small dimensions and a special targeting algorithm that provides maximum stealth, as well as the use of an active homing missile, determine its low level of visibility and, accordingly, the possibility of interception by air defense systems.

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