HAKNET calm down your freedoss kids. (Conduct an analysis of the targets of your accomplices “beating business card sites”)

You work in Ukraine – handsome people. We work across Europe. What is there to share? Feel free to share this. Milk immediately chose the direction – EUROPE. Who knows how, and opposes. Or have you forgotten how it all began?

New parody of Killnet from former friends! Work Brothers! The main thing is that the sense was from your activity! – (XakNet-The facade of the Russian special services for carrying out hacker operations, according to Bloomberg. Admin – GRU officer according to the mandate)

The victory of the Russian Federation is still far away, the discord in the network between the Russian teams is not appropriate, at least in the near future.

Sincerely, WE ARE KILLNET.

Благодарим бывших друзей за рекламу нашего канала

Работаем Братья! Главное, чтобы Вы продолжали атаки в том же духе!

Thanks to former friends for advertising our channel. Working Brothers! The main thing is that you continue to attack in the same spirit! (Your opinion is important to us … )

The Issue from XakNet

First the securitylab and now the medical sector. How KillNet is once again embarrassing themselves.

Good evening friends!

I understand everything, but to attack the medical sector?臘‍♂️ This is low even for you. I wonder how you have not yet been recognized as extremists for the constant calls for violence.

P.S. Morality and honor no more? He gave the word, he took the word.

KillMilk and his head problems:

Does everyone remember his visit to our chat? What should a person have in his head after writing such nonsense and then delete the messages.

KillMilk promised to beat our friends team with 60 subscribers with sticks and said that he had already banned their entire team without having any information about her.

Hey internet killers, why are you so active with a group that has 60 followers? Where is the interest in HackNet or don’t you take it out with free software? Above you already news tg laughing.

xaknet. CyberArmy (DDoS)

And the comments followed ( we show some ):

Man, if you get banned, then you don’t have to run like a little girl and roar in the comments.
Of course, I understand that you have LGBTQ + in Poland, but I didn’t expect that you didn’t have normal guys left)

We do not advise you to write such posts that can kindle enmity between Russian hackers. Now wartime and the task of all is the same – to defeat the enemy. And it’s better to write claims personally to the killnet, and not for a general discussion


Even during the war they do not touch doctors. Or do you want Russia to be considered Nazis? Yes, we are already considered as such, but their arguments are only words, and this already gives them real facts.

Even during the war they do not touch doctors. Or do you want Russia to be considered Nazis? Yes, we are already considered as such, but their arguments are only words, and this already gives them real facts.

KILLNET lamers, everyone has long known that they are inadequate and a disgrace to Russia. I hope they think about their providence

I think you are right, reading KillMilk, looking at his username is already one laugh 😁. I think it’s script monkeys and a couple of aeza servers. Personally, my opinion, I do not want to humiliate them or something else, I want these people to understand that this is not what they do. Russia is one big family, with a kind heart in the chest, we are always kind in our hearts and we can always do everything.

They wrote about the fact that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation beat the MILITARY hospital. I think there is no need to explain that a military hospital is not = a hospital where ordinary citizens are treated. I hope that the next who will write to me in PM before that will simply learn to distinguish between two different things, even if they are in the same area. It’s like comparing an airplane and a trolley, but what? And this and that transports people

In my opinion, it is not necessary to write about problems with the head and condemn Kilmilk and Killnet. Everyone has their own truth, and do not judge, lest you be judged. Do not be angry at what has been said in haste, although a word can kill.

Yes, this is my opinion. I think you’ve said everything. I understand both you and the guys, and these are not good things when you have to do everything for the front, everything for the Victory.

For them, our hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc. are goals. So they chose such rules, and we can accept them and respond symmetrically. How many hospitals and schools have been destroyed in the DPR?

Truth? Greece is a NATO member. Greece will supply Ukraine with infantry fighting vehicles from which they will kill us. We are at war with NATO and the United States, but not yet openly.

The energy sector, the economic sector, the same hohlohackers, they tried to attack the PIR payment system, this is much more serious than a hospital.

I agree. First of all, energy and defense industry. But kilmilka should not interfere with shit, he is on our side, even if he acts a little differently. Hot-tempered, but outgoing. We can’t oppose each other now. This is the goal of our enemies.

In general, it is best that groups of jokers, etc., begin to act in a centralized manner, attacks will be more powerful, and there will be much more damage.

That is, you say: “For them, our hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc. are goals. – that’s what the Nazis do – right?

KillNet attack hospitals is the goal. This is done by the Nazis, but based on your messages, are they allowed? What is the logic I’m afraid to ask. You are truly a genius…

I’ll tell you in secret that even in war they don’t touch the red cross!

They feel they can act with impunity, so they attack. I’ll tell you what, my comrade died in one of the DPR hospitals, a volunteer, he went not to shoot, but to treat. Someone out there thought about the rules? They need to destroy all of us and our wives and children. Personally, I do not attack hospitals, but I do not have the moral right to condemn someone for this now. And I will not. I have my rules, killmilk has his. But we are on the same side. Maybe I don’t agree with the president, so what, should I insult him? After the war, we will sort things out, but now we need to fight.

Impunity up to a point. My friends died during the SVO, good people. The Keels do not and did not have rules and principles. And one more thing: do not touch the President for objective reasons: they would have shyed us first if the SVO had not been preempted. There are moments from February onwards by months, but I don’t talk or shout about it. Because I’m waiting for it to be over.

CBO (military, euphemistic) special military operation

Perhaps (I’m not a telepath), that person wanted to convey the idea that Sergei Bodrov once said in an interview (not a quote) “During the war, we should not scold our own, no matter what they do. And we will need to deal with this later when it’s over.”
And personally, I generally agree with this.

On the other hand, even during the Second World War, it was a shame for our people to hit hospitals with a red cross (even military hospitals), and those fascists did not suffer from such mercy. like now.

But we are not animals, unlike the Nazis, we are humanists (up to a certain limit, of course), and therefore I personally am against strikes on healthcare systems, even in those countries whose governments now support the Ukronazis.

Especially in the news there is a video of how ordinary Europeans are trying to protest against such a policy of their government. And for this (in fact, we, including help in the media), to ruin them with a lack of medical care?

Well, I … as they say … personally, I am against strikes on crosses everywhere, including 404, and on infrastructure 404 has long been deserved, but I consider it unacceptable to hit ordinary people in other European countries (who support us in many ways).

It’s better to hit the Yankees with a cyber, or at least Poland / Tribalts (The Three Balkan Nations). There, the concentration of Russophobes is noticeably higher than in other countries.

And this … while writing. I forgot one piece…

> ” Maybe I do not agree with the president, so what, I insult him?”

Let’s say I also do not agree with the President on everything.
But now.
He did not agree with many things before, but after some time and the appearance of additional information, he realized that he was still right.

And now … I also don’t like a lot of things in the current decisions of the Darkest One, Shoigu, Surovikin-Armageddon, but having already understood (as best I could) this whole system, I just grit my teeth and tell myself to endure.
For we do not have all the completeness of that important information on the basis of which responsible decisions are made.
So far, our “leaders” have not made a single serious strategic mistake.
There were tactical ones, yes, but without them, no one has ever had in history …. an echo of the war.

So our task is to help all those who are able to (just not turn into animals), and then history will put everyone in their place).


Regarding the bans: I recently wrote on the military commanders of the Russian spring about the news about the DDoS of the Greeks, which they say: it would be better to do something useful than it is useless to DDoS and EVERYTHING. I understand DDOS for extracting data or DDOS of the Delta command and control program, hacking it (which, by the way, the DPR Joker did) or leaking information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a hack, but useless DDOS for the sake of hype, confusion in the concepts of P2P and I2P, the creation of NFT – suggestive .
Actually, immediately after that, in the comments of the Russian Spring, kilmilk began to write to me in an insulting form. As if showing his “face” and justifying my words about “schoolchildren from the killnet”. In response to my answers to him, their leader decided to scam me through various OSINT bots, posting information about the number in the comments to which my tg account is registered.
Apparently he wanted to scare 
The kid only knows how to use a botnet and does not understand that those who really want anonymity will not use their personal number when registering in TG, social networks and generally shine on the Internet.

In general, HackNet – well done, friends! Keep it up.
The channel found out about your DDOS literally 20 minutes ago, but at least you show the real result and your adequacy.

In general, killnet is the former Universals.
For those who are interested, google: FSIN – Universal and it will become clear who the kilnet are and why they need all this. 

Good luck!

hmm, don’t steal my comments! )) These are my words letter for letter. Only I wrote them about your main channel. Or it was a clone. Or fuck you sort it out already

What’s Killnet got to do with it? The fact that they are clowns is not even a fact, but a base.
So will they actually answer me?
I subscribed to HackNet because of the lack of throwing shit on a fan for no purpose. If this particular channel is made for this, then I would like to know.

With respect to others and the moderator in particular, I’m just trying to figure out what kind of posts to expect here. At first there were posts more aimed at DDOS and it was normal, but then a wave of posts about KillNet began abruptly and, in fact, srach with them. To me, it looks like a clowning competition between, at least in appearance, serious and adequate HackNet and the circus represented by KillNet


I’m sitting, reading the hysteria between our little DDoS offshoot and Killnet.

From all that’s going on, I can’t figure out why a talk show hosted by both sides is needed. You don’t have each other’s contacts?

I wrote to the channel administrator from our side.

Colleagues, please do not mention XakNet. We don’t get into all these children’s showdowns, and we don’t want to be associated with them. We have not participated in any scandal and will not participate. The age is not the same.

I suggest everyone to do work, write to each other through contacts, like adults, balanced people and resolve all issues there, among themselves.


By Treadstone 71

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