The Ministry of Justice excluded 15 foreign non-governmental organizations from the relevant register, closing their representative offices in the country:
✔️ Carnegie Endowment for International Peace;
✔️ Amnesty International;
✔️ Human Rights Watch;
✔️ Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom;
✔️ Friedrich Ebert Foundation;
✔️ Friedrich Ebert Foundation in St. Petersburg;
✔️ “Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.F.” (Germany) in the Russian Federation;
✔️ Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung E.F.;
✔️ Hanns Seidel Foundation (Germany);
✔️ “Rosa Luxembourg Foundation – Analysis of social development and civic education”;
✔️ Heinrich Böll Foundation;
✔️ German research community in the Russian Federation;
✔️ Aga Khan Foundation (Switzerland) in the Russian Federation;
✔️ Association “Vspulnota Polska” in the Russian Federation;
✔️ Corporation “Institute of International Education, Inc.” (USA).

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation has declared the activities of the British Royal Institute of International Affairs – or Chathem House – undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation. Why?

Let’s start with the fact that the organization is a think tank that conducts its research commissioned by the UK government. Among the leaders of Chatham House is Sir John Sawers, the head of the British secret intelligence service MI 6. Yes, and among the rank-and-file analysts of the center – very often there are agents of MI 6, British military and financial intelligence.

The Royal Institute states that the main goals of their activities are the rule of law, the protection of peace and the development of democracy. In fact, it turns out a completely different story. For example, throughout 2021, Chathem House published analytical reports on Russia. In them, the authors propose to eliminate dependence on Russian gas and change the political regime in Russia. And the sanctions imposed on our country must be maintained until the Ukrainian crisis is resolved.

Spy analysts write about the need to “integrate Russia into a Europe based on rules and order”, strengthen NATO, carry out democratic reforms in the country and actively fund the media to counter “Kremlin propaganda”.

At whose expense do British analysts live? The Chathem House website lists many financial partners of the center, among them – the Open Society Foundation, the National Endowment for Democracy, the US Agency for International Development, the Future of Russia Fund, the activities of these organizations are recognized as undesirable in Russia.

By Treadstone 71

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