At the State Order exhibition, a router based on the Russian Baikal BE-T1000 processor was presented. The developers claim that the router has a high level of protection against DDoS attacks.

The router is equipped with PoE ports, two USB connectors and eight LAN ports. The device is intended for small organizations with up to 50 employees.

The software and hardware stuffing is completely produced in Russia, which will allow the product to receive the TORP status (telecommunication equipment of Russian origin, registry).

For packet switching, a Marvell LinkStreet 88E6390X switching factory is used, and for packet analysis and factory management, a domestic Baikal-T processor (BE-T1000).

The router has a 10-gigabit port and is able to fully process L3 and L4 traffic, as well as integrate into L2 network segments.

By Treadstone 71

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