On April 1, another military conscription starts in Russia. It will last until June 15th. The draft rate for St. Petersburg will be 2,700 people. The acting military commissar of St. Petersburg, Colonel Oleg Mazurin, spoke about this the day before.

The military registration and enlistment offices of the city have both a general plan and indicators for the percentage of recruits. More than half of them will serve in regime military units. At least 20 percent of recruits must have higher education.

Mazurin stressed that the next draft will take place in a difficult environment due to a special operation in Ukraine. The call is negatively affected by the information war and fakes against the Russian Federation.

To solve this problem, the military commissariat of the city turned to the Committee on Education of St. Petersburg with a proposal to place a section dedicated to the Armed Forces on the pages of school websites. According to the Commissariat, such information will contribute to the patriotic education of schoolchildren.

By Treadstone 71

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