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We remain on guard for verified news in this extremely difficult time for our state. Every two hours, Vox Ukraine publishes reviews of enemy provocations and disinformation. Keep for updates.


Key PROVOCATIONS and DESA of Russia as of 00:00 on February 26

  • In Kyiv, CHPP-6 was allegedly destroyed, and the city is planning to cut off electricity and water supply.
  • They are intimidated by the movement of a Topol-M ballistic missile on the Moscow Ring Road (Moscow).
  • They say that Zelensky is ready to accept Putin’s conditions, and Kyiv will last no more than one day.
  • Rumors are spreading that Zelensky ordered our military to leave the battlefields in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions and move to Kharkov and Kyiv.

And now the TRUTH:

  • CHPP-6 is operating normally. Kiev does not plan to turn off electricity or water supply.
  • Video from Topol-M – from 2021, filmed during preparations for May 9th.
  • According to Zelensky’s representative, Serhiy Nikiforov, it is known that consultations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on the place and time of negotiations are ongoing.
  • There is no official confirmation that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are leaving eastern Ukraine and moving to Kiev and Kharkov. At the same time, it is known that Severodonetsk, Lysichansk and Rubizhne are under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Key PROVOCATIONS and DESA of Russia as of 21:00 February 25

  • Russia is spreading disinformation that Kyiv will be left without power today.
  • In Chernihiv, cases were recorded when unknown people went from apartment to apartment and called men to mobilization.
  • Russia’s permanent representative to the EU assures that Russia does not need Ukraine.
  • The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation assures that they took Sumy.
  • Demoralization: Ukrainians began to receive messages from Russian numbers with an alleged hotline of the Russian army. The Ukrainian military receives a message that it is possible to surrender, hand over their weapons and get the right to return to their families.

These informational injections have nothing to do with reality.


  • The Ukrainian energy system is stable, so nothing like this is planned – Ukrenergo .
  • Representatives of the military registration and enlistment office do not go to apartments and shelters in order to mobilize men (such cases were recorded in Chernihiv). Don’t follow these people. Don’t get into discussions with suspicious people. Chernihiv Regional State Administration .
  • Amounts under the control of Ukraine.

Reminder for the people of Kiev. At 22:00 curfew begins. Stay at home or in a shelter.
Marks on roads, rooftops, trees, lampposts, especially those glowing in the dark, are marks of invaders. Cover them with something. Be prepared to move to the nearest cover. Follow the reports of the Kyiv City State Administration and the Public Broadcaster, do not trust unverified and unofficial sources.

Key PROVOCATIONS and DESA of Russia as of 17:00 February 25

  • A video message from Ramzan Kadyrov to 10,000 Chechens has appeared. He allegedly demands that Zelensky apologize to Putin.
  • The Russian Foreign Ministry called the purpose of the “operation” “to bring the puppet regime in Kyiv to justice for the crimes committed”
  • Demoralization: the first forecasts appeared from the militants that after the completion of the “operation” a new army would be created in Ukraine. In addition, the militants report on their “successes”: allegedly, Rubizhnoye, Kuryachevka and Liman passed under the control of the Russian army.
  • Russians continue to report on progress in Gostomel.
  • There were rumors that the militants were moving towards the conditional western border, allegedly agreed with the United States and NATO. the country can be divided into spheres of influence of Russia and the United States and NATO.
  • Intimidation: “the DPR army is preparing to develop its successes in the south,” destroying Ukrainian equipment on the road; report on “successes” in Melitopol.
  • A version has appeared that the enemy aircraft shot down in the Darnytsia region is a mistake of the Ukrainian air defense system, which hit its own fighter.

All this is a complete lie. And the truth is.


  • No official source of information has yet confirmed the participation of Chechens in the war.
  • The Russian Foreign Ministry is discrediting itself because it is publishing a Russian plan to seize power in Kyiv. This version is at odds with the “operation” to free people from the “Nazis”.
  • Fighting in Gostomel continues. Neither the Armed Forces of Ukraine, nor the Ministry of Defense, nor other government agencies have confirmed that Rubizhne, Kuryachevka and Liman have come under Russian control.
  • The US and NATO did not divide Ukraine into a conditional border for spheres of influence.
  • It was an enemy aircraft that was shot down in the Darnitsa air defense region .

Key PROVOCATIONS and DESA of Russia as of 15:00 February 25

  • “Ukrainian criminals/nationalists”, “punitive operations”, “dill” – the rhetoric of the Russian occupiers is unchanged.
  • Another dimension of the rhetoric of the invaders: “settlements are liberated from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”
  • They also say that Ukraine at the points of the most active hostilities wipes the entire civilian population off the face of the earth.
  • At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Defense cynically proves that the Russian army does not shell residential areas and is not going to do so.
  • They are trying to convince Zelensky that he is preparing to surrender or admit the defeat of our Armed Forces.
  • They found on whom to shift the blame for the failure of the Minsk agreements: on the United States and NATO – this was allegedly announced in Venezuela, a country friendly to Russia.
  • NATO allegedly climbs ahead of Ukraine, Lavrov said.
  • Kiva called on Zelensky, as the culprit of the events in Ukraine, to resign.

In reality, everything looks quite different.


Kievans, do not leave your homes and shelters, do not endanger yourself. The city entered the defensive phase. Now in some areas of the capital shots and explosions are heard. Ukrainian military neutralize sabotage groups of Russians.

Shelter map .

Key PROVOCATIONS and DESA of Russia as of 12:00 February 25

  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly violate the regime of silence in the Donbass.
  • Sergey Lavrov justifies the operation by saying that it will allow Ukrainians to free themselves from oppression.
  • Anonymous telegram channels still claim that Kyiv will be taken by storm by the Chechens. Now they only add that they will be led by Ramzan Kadyrov.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly destroyed a school in Gorlovka, which killed two women.
  • The Ukrainian military is often referred to as “armed formations”.
  • In general, Russian and pro-Russian telegram channels almost every minute disseminate unconfirmed, unofficial, often false and moralizing information.
  • A cyberattack has been launched against Ukrainians: emails with suspicious content and links are being sent out.
  • They disseminate information allegedly from the SBU about checks via links with QR codes.

All this is a complete lie. And the truth is.


Key PROVOCATIONS and DESA of Russia as of 02:00 February 25

  • during the day, the militants began to use the term “former Ukraine” in news coverage;
  • intimidate that Moscow will start shelling Kyiv at 3:00 – allegedly according to CNN;
  • launched a warning that after 11:30 p.m., it is allegedly necessary to keep all electrical appliances turned off and save electricity;
  • launched fakes that the SBU will now tap the phones of Ukrainians and read correspondence in all instant messengers.

And now the TRUTH:

  • Ukraine is a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, legal state. And no euphemisms and inventions of Putin and his henchmen will work.
  • We found an article or video on CNN that claimed that the attack on Kiev would be at 3:00;
  • The fake about the power system was denied by UkrEnergo: the power system is operating in normal mode and will continue to work . Nothing needs to be turned off and no one connects anywhere at night!
  • The SBU does not listen to the conversations of Ukrainians and does not read the correspondence in all instant messengers. The fake is really a long-term one: it has been circulating since 2017 in Russia because of the so-called “Yarovaya law”. At the beginning of 2022, wiretapping and revision of correspondence were linked to protests in Kazakhstan. The text has been constant all these years. The wave of such messages in Ukraine began a few days before the Russian invasion, but it is now that it is most actively spreading.
Key PROVOCATIONS and DESA of Russia as of 22:00
  • Russian propagandists justify the security forces who are suppressing anti-war rallies in Russia.
  • They began to disperse the narrative about “sit down to the negotiating table” more.
  • They emphasize that “the leadership of the cities has fled, the Ukrainians are also fleeing.”
  • They continue to call the Ukrainian military “Nazis” and say that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are shelling residential buildings.
  • There were fears about the Chechens.

And now the TRUTH

  • Russia suppresses any manifestations of democracy in its country. A totalitarian regime does not need opposition.
  • As a result of the Russian invasion, as of February 24, 57 Ukrainians were killed and another 169 were injured. What can be the negotiating table here?
  • Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov explained a few hours ago that officials do not leave their jobs. However, according to security protocol, as well as for urgent meetings, you have to change location.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine are now conducting stubborn battles for Melitopol, Gostomel, defending Kharkov, Kherson, Sumy and all cities and borders of Ukraine. Russian soldiers destroyed 6 posts and fired at 32 civilian objects in Ukraine.
  • Russian troops suffered very heavy losses: about 3,200 were killed, about 500 pieces of equipment were destroyed, 2 battalions left the equipment and left their positions on foot, Mikhail Apostol , former adviser to the ex-governor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov , said .

Follow the curfew! If you still have doubts about how to act in case of an emergency, download the brochure from the Center for Strategic Communications !

Key PROVOCATIONS and DESA of Russia as of 20:00

  • Kherson admitted defeat.
  • Reminded of the “genocide of Russian-speakers.”
  • Demoralization attempts continue: allegedly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing to lay down their arms.
  • They manipulate the fact that children and civilians suffer because of the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine are also accused of damaging the gas pipeline in Gorlovka and other infrastructure facilities.
  • They showed the destroyed equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Sumy.
  • Trump was quoted as saying that the Russian Federation allegedly lost only $2 from the sanctions.

These theses disagree with the real state of affairs. We tell it like it is.


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Key provocations and disinformation of Russia as of February 24, 2022 16:00

  • Zelensky admitted in Austria that he allegedly does not know how long his country will last.
  • OOS headquarters neutralized.
  • The SBU is preparing provocations.
  • Again they report that mobile networks will fall soon.
  • Once again, they are demoralizing that our military and border guards are going over to the side of Russia.
  • Russia still denies that it started the war and is going to censor its own media, which will call the so-called operation a war.

Everything you read above is a lie.
And now for the TRUTH.


  • The world condemns Russia’s actions. All foreign partners support Ukraine and Ukrainians. Not once on any official resource have there been reports of our weaknesses or doubts.
  • The headquarters of the OOS is working.
  • Ukraine, unlike Russia, does not arrange provocations, but defends its land.
  • Mobile operators work like ISPs. State Special Communications Service appealed to operators with a request not to disconnect subscribers for non-payment.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine and border guards continue to protect all borders of Ukraine from the Russian invasion. They began to use “Bayraktars” and destroy Russian tanks with the NLAW ATGM system .

If sirens sound in your city, immediately go to the nearest cover and stay as far away from windows as possible

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