The UAE is not a safe country. And they were warned. Foreign investors were warned.

A spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces said in a statement that al-Dafra military base in southeastern Abu Dhabi and a sensitive coalition in Dubai had been targeted by Yemeni army missiles.

This base is the base of American forces.

Yemeni Written Statement Released in Farsi

Yahya Sari: We targeted the depths of Saudi Arabia and the UAE with ballistic missiles and drones

Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman:
In Operation “Yemen Storm 2”, we targeted vital and critical targets with Zulfiqar ballistic missiles in Abu Dhabi and with Samad 3 drones in Dubai, UAE.

With Samad 1 and Qatif K2 drones, we destroyed a number of military bases deep in Saudi Arabia in the Shura area and other areas.

A number of vital and sensitive positions in Jizan and Asir, Saudi Arabia, were targeted by Yemeni ballistic missiles.

Once again, we ask foreign companies and foreign investors to leave the UAE because it is no longer safe.

Operations of the Yemeni Armed Forces will continue as long as hostile operations and siege of the people continue.

By Treadstone 71

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