Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram accounts accessed – NEO Cyber Targets Kurdish News

The content below is taken directly from NEO Cyber, in their words:

In the name of God
He said, “How many years have you tarried on the earth?” They said, “We tarried for a day or part of a day.” He said, “You tarried but a little.”
Dear followers, the team apologizes for the delay in publishing the latest attack that targeted the largest government institutions (K,R,,,,N)
Where the blow was the worst Si..Barani nightmare to happen in the history of the Jews of Bani Masoud
We confirm that the reason for the delay is the attempts to thwart the attack that humiliated them
The delay in publishing remains affected by the variables of the final product.
We ask you to pray for success

زانيات الحدث مع اقزام مسعود
هذا حتى لا يكون على المؤمنين من حرج
يهودي يسأل قزم مسعود عن مدينة راس العين في الحسكة السورية
برأيكم ماهو الربط بين القزم واليهودي ؟
العميل المطبع يسال ايدي كوهين عميل الموساد الاسرائيلي
والاخير يذل المطبع هههههههههههههههههه
لن تجدوا هكذا محادثات في مكان اخر
نحن اقرب لكم من ايدي كوهين
بالدليل محادثة خاصة بين المطبع قزم مسعود مع “يواف ادلر” رئيس دائرة البحث والتطوير في وزارة الخارجية الاسرائيلية
يقول فيها قزم مسعود  ” سوف نكون على تواصل يا اخي ” .
نعم بالفعل الاكراد اصبحوا اخوة اليهود !!
انظروا يا شعب العراق
انظروا يا من تدعون الوطنية ، انظروا الى الاكراد ما يجرمون ..

Another intimate conversation with an important Jewish figure will be broadcast later
  Just imagine how Israel controls northern Iraq

A major qualitative operation targeted the Kurdistan 24 government agency, the printing press, which resulted in the hacking of all its verified accounts on the Twitter network and some accounts on Instagram, as well as some of its printing employees.

The government of the Jews of Kurdistan, with an official request to Twitter, withdraws the penetration from our hands
But the days are countries and the war is a debate.

Hacking and controlling the Kurdistan 24 Agency channel in English on YouTube
Hacking the account of the human resources department of the Kurdistan 24 governmental printing press on linkedin
The account of Kurdistan 24 Foundation in English was confiscated on the Twitter platform after it was hacked

The outcome of hacking Twitter accounts before the hack was withdrawn by the Twitter administration
6 verified accounts
3 other accounts

♦️عــــــــاجــــل :
اختراق حساب مؤسسة كردستان 24 التركي على الانستغرام
الرابط للتحقق :
♦️ عــــــــاجـــــــــل :
اختراق حساب مذيع كردستان 24 على الانستغرام والسيطرة عليه
الرابط :
♦️ A video of private conversations for the printing press “Barzan Sadiq”, one of Massoud’s media professionals and works for the Kurdistan 24 government agency. The video shows his conversations with Mossad agent Eddie Cohen and Yoav Adler, director of the Research and Development Center in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as with other personalities who were not photographed.