Iran Unveils “Exo-Atmospheric Trajectory Maneuvering Technology” for its Ballistic Missiles

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On the last day of the “Great Prophet 17” exercise, Iran unveiled for the first time the exo-atmospheric trajectory maneuvering technology of its detachable warheads for #Qadr medium-range ballistic missile.

The technology or maneuverability of warhead outside atmosphere is performed with the help of pressurized gas thrusts or dual liquid fuel, and by changing the direction of the warhead, the trajectory is variable and the exact direction of the warhead is unpredictable. Therefore, this capability greatly reduces the chances of an air defense missile hitting a warhead.

The maneuverability of medium- to high-range ballistic missile warheads can be achieved in two ways: maneuverability outside the atmosphere and hypersonic flight in the atmosphere. Considering the challenges of hypersonic wave rider warheads such as temperature management, guidance, materials and manufacturing process, the exo-atmospheric maneuvering method seems to be the most optimal option considering the performance, cost and time to upgrade conventional ballistic missile warheads in order to escape the air defense missiles.

For example, in this method, the old warheads can be upgraded and there is no need to use new complex and expensive refractory materials; The base design of the warheads does not change much and there is no need to design from the base.

According to studies, apparently the only country that has officially unveiled and used exo-atmospheric maneuvering technology so far is Russia and the Topol-MR intercontinental ballistic missile. Now, with this unveiling, Iran is one of the owners of this technology.

A senior Iranian military commander advised the enemy not to test the might of the country’s armed forces, saying it will not be able to bear the costs of an all-out confrontation with the Islamic Republic.

▪Major General Gholam-Ali Rashid, commander of the Khatam al-Anbiya Central Headquarters, warned on Tuesday of a well-calculated response at the right time and place should the enemy make the slightest mistake.

The enemy should know that “we are always watching them, we are ready, and we will surely impose more costs on them compared to what they can achieve,” Rashid asserted.

He hoped that the enemy would not seek to “test our will and strength,” otherwise it will not be able to “bear the costs of an all-out confrontation.”

“Believing in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s power will definitely cost the enemy less,” Rashid added.

The remarks follow weeks of increasing tensions between Iran on the one hand, and the US and its allies, in particular the ‘Israeli’ entity, on the other hand, especially over the ongoing negotiations in Vienna to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, which the Zionist regime staunchly opposes.

The Tel Aviv regime has suggested that it will attack Iran, with the Israeli Minister Benny Gantz telling American officials that he had directed the regime’s military to prepare for the possibility of a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“Of course, we prefer to act in international cooperation, but if necessary – we will act alone. We defend ourselves by ourselves,” Zionist Foreign Minister Yair Lapid warned on Monday.

Iranian generals, for their part, have decisively warned the Tel Aviv regime against any adventurism against the country, pledging a crushing response to any attack.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard [IRG] also launched a massive military exercise last week, after which both the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Mohammad Baqeri and IRG Chief Commander Hossein Salami warned that the Iranian armed forces will “cut off” the hands of aggressors in case of an attack against the country.

“25 large-scale exercises have been planned for this year,” Rashid said, hinting at the latest exercise. “So far, 15 major exercises have been conducted by the Army and the IRG, some of which, of course, will not be publicized.”

He said military exercises are held annually by the Iranian armed forces to test the perception of enemy threats and assess the level of combat readiness, adding that more importantly, the drills show the adaptation degree of the preparations to the risks ahead.

In fact, the general continued, conducting exercises “means a war before the war. Therefore, it requires precision and creativity in targeting and planning, as well as novelty in execution in order to surprise the enemy.”

Thread on the IRGC Great Prophet 17 drills that started on Dec 20, in the Iran in Bushehr, Hormozgan, Khuzestan provinces, waters of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.Multiple of launches of the different Iranian ballistic and cruise missiles.

New footage of IRGC’s simultaneous launching of 16 ballistic missiles

New video footage has shown the ballistic missiles of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), including Dezful, Zulfiqar, Qadr, Sejjil, Zelzal, and Emad, launched simultaneously by its Aerospace Force on the last day of the Great Prophet 17 joint drills, which successfully hit their targets with pinpoint accuracy.

▪The video also includes launching offensive and combat drones that destroyed the predetermined targets in a collective operation.

New MaRV:Thats not the Qiam MaRV but a new yet unknown one➡️ Unusual base shape and aerodynamic ramps in front of the steering finsHigher velocity rated MaRV (Emad-level) compared to Qiam and probably there is more to it (base-shape) 

Seven Iranian 1650-2000km+ MRBM were seen today. Not known if all were launched, if yes it would be the largest test firing of Iranian MRBM in a single day Here the lineup

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