Citizen of Iran found guilty of violating US embargo against Iran


From 2007 to 2011, Iranian citizens Mehrad Ansari and Mehrad Foomanie purchased around the world 105’000 dual-use spare parts that can be used in the production of nuclear weapons, missile and electronic systems.  Within the framework of 599 transactions with American companies, 1250 transactions were made for the amount of about  2’630’800.  American companies were not informed that the goods would be delivered to Iran, and the necessary export licenses were not obtained.

The Iran Trade and Sanctions Regulation prohibits US residents from directly or indirectly supplying any goods, technology or services to Iran or the Iranian Government.  Any transactions and operations in the United States in order to circumvent the established prohibitions are also prohibited.

We will learn the verdict of Mehrad Ansari on September 1, in total he faces up to 20 years in prison in federal prison for conspiracy to violate the embargo against Iran, twice to 5 years for conspiracy to commit electronic fraud and to deceive the US Treasury, and up to 5 more  years on each charge of aiding and abetting perjury.  Mehrad Foomanie is still a fugitive.