Top 100 Scientific Centers of Artificial Intelligence in the World

The Nature Index is an international database that tracks institutions and countries and their scientific results.  Each year, the Nature Index ranks leading institutions, including companies, universities, governmental or non-governmental institutions, and research countries, according to research and scientific articles published in the world’s leading journals.

This index shows that the top 100 academic centers in the world in terms of the highest and highest quality scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence, which are superior to other countries, are in 15 countries.  The share of these 100 centers is based on the number of international researches done on artificial intelligence and the most articles published in the world’s prestigious journals from 2015 to 2019.  Harvard, Stanford, Massachusetts, Oxford and Cambridge universities are at the top of the artificial intelligence world.

55 centers in the United States
8 centers in the UK
7 centers in China
5 centers in Germany
5 centers in Switzerland
4 centers in Israel
4 centers in Australia
3 centers in Canada
2 centers in Japan
1 center in Belgium
1 center in Sweden
1 center in Norway
1 center in Denmark
1 center in Singapore