Mahan Air’s involvement in introducing COVID-19 into Iran has been publicized already, and we are now able to link this to their ongoing cooperation with the IRGC-QF through the Hamrah company. We noted that even at the height of COVID, Mahan Air continued to transport hundreds of QF members to various destinations, all listed with the name ‘Hamrah Hamrah’. The attached document discusses a Mahan Air flight that took place while COVID was at its most devastating in Iran, which was boarded by nearly 200 passengers. Additionally, upon the flight’s delay, all the passengers crammed in the airport’s lobby together with the airport employees, who later returned to their homes in Tehran and spread the virus.

The following email correspondence displays how IRGC operatives board Mahan without any security checks or boarding passes.



Tourist and Travel Aviation Office


Travel Agency Utab Gasht.

Respected management of the Middle East region of Mahan Airlines

Sarkar Khanum Bani Imam

Greetings and best regards, on this date, on 08/25/99, the charter flight of Hamrah Company No. 142 on the ika route to Dam was scheduled to be operated at 14:00, as a result of which the passenger reception must begin at 11:00. Unfortunately, due to the outage of Mahan’s airport service systems, it did not end until about 12:00 due to repeated follow-ups, causing about 100 passengers to be evacuated in front of the mentioned flight counters, which eventually became an alternative system for accepting passengers and Issuance of active flight card and reception was done due to the slowness of the system and the passenger reception counter was closed at about 14:55. Therefore, two problems arose in the meantime, which are as follows:

1- Due to the problem in collecting statistics from the passenger reception system by the staff of Mahan and Saman, 5 passengers of Hamrah Company missed the flight, which caused many problems for Hamrah Company.

It created and flew 181 people with 176 passengers. 2- Due to the delay in receiving the passenger, the flight was delayed by 30 minutes and the one-hour delay of the passengers at the counters created an unsuitable atmosphere in the airport hall, which caused dissatisfaction among the passengers due to the health considerations of the corona days.

The necessary instructions will be sent for follow-up and review. Thanks

Future company with

Mahmoud Kakhki

Transcript: Representative of Bazar Regani in occ

Shahid Beheshti St.

Between Mofteh and Mir Emad

Pine building, No. 14.5

first floor, one 24

88511300 88747005 09037124272



Unit 26, First Floor, No 14. Between Mofattch & Miremad Beheshti Avenue, Tehran, Iran,




Dear Serflit
Sarkarkhanam Dudangeh

Greetings and Regards
It is reported that on the above flight, at the time of receiving the passenger, the security guard went to the airport lounge and was not present next to the plane.  The security team asked for a security guard, but he was in the hall.
It will be sent for information.

درباره نقش شرکت ماهان در ورود و شیوع ویروس کرونا در ایران چندی پیش خبررسانی شد و اکنون و با تحلیل اطلاعات حاصله از هک شبکه داخلی ماهان می‌توانیم ربط این فاجعه به همکاری مستمر ماهان با سپاه قدس از طریق شرکت همره را ثابت کنیم. طی بررسی فایل‌های به دست آمده متوجه شدیم که حتی در اوج موج اول کووید-۱۹ در ایران، ماهان به برگزاری پروازها برای صدها رزمنده نیروی قدس سپاه همه با نام پوششی «همره همره» به مقصدهای مختلف ادامه می‌داد. نامه زیر، مربوط به پروازی است که در اوج شیوع کرونا در ایران با نزدیک به ۲۰۰ نفر مسافر برگزار شد و فارغ از اینکه برگزاری چنین پروازی در شرایط همه‌گیری به شدت سوال‌برانگیز است، این پرواز با تاخیر مواجه شد که به سبب آن ۱۷۶ مسافر یک ساعت پای کانترهای پذیرش معطل شدند که این امر قطعاً با پروتکل‌های بهداشتی فاصله زیادی داشت و به احتمال زیاد به شیوع مضاعف کرونا میان مسافران و پرسنل فرودگاه انجامید.

By Treadstone 71

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