No wonder we are getting slammed with hits – Sepah Cyberi unit Shahid Shooshtari (aka Eeleyanet Gostar / Emen Net Pasargad)

It might take a while, but Lab Dookhtegan forgets nothing.

Following our exposure regarding the actions of the Sepah Cyberi unit Shahid Shooshtari (aka Eeleyanet Gostar / Emen Net Pasargad) to undermine the US national security, led by Mohammad Bagher Shirinkar and Amir Lashgarian, we are happy to inform you that the two Shahid Shooshtari Cyber terrorists Seyyed Mohammad Hosein Musa Kazemi and Sajjad Kashian, are now MOST WANTED by the FBI for their crimes. That is due to their actions to bring America to social chaos and to undermine their internal stability.

Notice that the US government is willing to pay 10 Million USD for any information that will lead to the extradition of the two bastards.

In addition, the US government also imposed financial sanctions against this unit and its leaders: Shirinkar, Shahid Shooshtari’s CEO, Seyyed Mehdi Hashemi Toghroljerdi, Mostafa Sarmadi and Hosein Akbari Nodeh – since they are the main IRGC’s operators of the interference in the elections.

Lab Dookhtegan promises to stop the Sepah Cyberi terrorists (Andisheh Negar Afagh, Mahak Rayan Afraz, Shahid Shooshtari, Kaveh or every other unit involved) from wasting our money, shaming our country and endangering our homeland.

We will continue to act against those terrorists of the IRGC’s cyber unit, as well as transfer the evidence of their Cyber terrorism against other countries.

Keep following, this is just the beginning.

November 18, 2021

Sanction of Iranian cyber activists for trying to influence the 2020 US presidential election

Government-sponsored cyber-activists, including groups in Iran, have been involved in covert and deceptive activities to spread false information through Internet sites and social media designed to undermine American citizens’ belief in the US election.

Today, the United States imposes sanctions on six Iranian individuals and entities in an attempt to influence the United States’ 2020 presidential election following Executive Order 13848. In doing so, the US government expresses its willingness and ability to hold government-sponsored cyber activists accountable for their efforts to undermine public confidence in the US electoral process and institutions.

Today’s sanctions reflect the collective efforts of the Treasury Department, the State Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The US government has taken decisive and decisive action against those who seek to interfere with and discredit our elections; Among them is the FBI’s warning to the public about its pre-2020 influence.

For more information on today’s actions, please refer to the Treasury Department press release:

It may take some time, but the seamstress will not forget anything
As you remember, on 1/18/2012, we exposed the ill-considered activities of the “Shahid Shoushtari” unit (alias: Iliant Gostar and Aymannet Pasargad) headed by Mohammad Baqer Shirinkar against US security, and promised to hold US officials accountable.  Inform the documents.
After much effort and with great satisfaction, we announce that the US government in its recent statement issued a warrant for the arrest of Sajjad Kashian and Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Musa Kazemi, these two cyber terrorists, and in return for the information that led to the arrest of these two terrorists, the US government is now paying 10  Million dollars.
The two are accused of interfering in the US election with the aim of increasing tensions in order to increase insecurity and disorder in the US socio-political situation by raising the issue of candidate fraud and making the US infrastructure seem insecure.
In addition, the US government has included the Martyr Shoushtari unit and the key perpetrators of this cyber terrorist act, Mohammad Baqer Shirinkar, the director general of Shahid Shoushtari, Seyyed Mehdi Hashemi, Mostafa Sarmadi (previously revealed on our channel) and Hossein Akbari Nedeh in the black list of economic sanctions.
These people shamelessly and directly interfered in the US elections under the direct command of the Cyber ​​Corps headed by Amir Lashgarian.

We swear that we will not allow the terrorists of the Cyber ​​Corps (Shahid Kaveh, Iliant Gostar, Andisheh Negar Afagh or any other bastard) to make the treasury haram, ruin the face of the country and endanger the homeland.
We will do our best to fight these cyber terrorists, sending all the documents of their cyber attacks against the countries of the world along with the details of the people who are involved in these cyber terrorist attacks to the attacked countries.
Certainly, the attacked countries will settle accounts with these cyber terrorists in such a way that they hide under their mother’s tent.

The cyber terrorists of the clerical regime!  We, who are involved in monitoring, persecuting, arresting, torturing and even killing our compatriot brothers and sisters, promise to bring this same calamity upon you.  We promise to ruin your life.  You, the terrorists of the Cyber ​​Corps, know that you have no escape route, when the time comes, even your bosses can not save you from us.

We determine the time and place of your treatment.
Follow us, this is just the first thing …