“Please save us, because now the commanders will come and send us back to the front line”

Putin has been telling tales for years about what a strong army he managed to muster. In fact, this turned out to be a lie – every day it becomes clearer in what conditions the service is carried out by those who became victims of mobilization. And now we can say that their lives mean nothing to the authorities.

Here are some examples of what is happening:

– Mobilized are sent to the front without any training and education;

– They are kept in inhuman conditions: some have to sleep in the open air or cook food on a fire;

– They are given low-quality uniforms, equipment and weapons, and are actually forced to pay for the inventory themselves;

– Soldiers are left on the battlefield without communication and command orders;

– The mobilized are not paid the promised money, which even their families complain about;

— Mobilize people with serious illnesses and diagnoses;

Putin plugs up the holes at the front with forcibly mobilized, whom he keeps in inhuman conditions and whose bodies he literally fills up the Ukrainian army.

We are waiting for thousands of corpses and tens of thousands of cripples, traumatized by the fighting. That is why we demand the return of the soldiers home.

No war! No grave!

By Treadstone 71

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