In the Russian Federation, new methods were issued with the aim of minimizing negative attitudes among the mobilized — GUR MOU

▪️Propagandists of the Russian Federation are handing out new instructions to journalists due to the high level of public dissatisfaction:

– They call for a more respectful attitude towards the mobilized and not to use the term “mobs”;
– According to the manuals, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are recommended to be called “militants” and “armed formations”. Also, in no case should you use the abbreviation “VSU”;
– The military leadership of Ukraine is asked to attribute “Western curators of Kyiv”;
– Explosions and partisan sabotage are asked not to be called “claps” anymore;
– Those who left the Russian Federation after the announcement of mobilization are recommended to be mocked, calling them “fugitives” and “travelers”;

▪️The appearance of new methods shows that there is a problem in Russian society, and dissatisfaction is growing. The leadership of the Russian Federation, in turn, traditionally tries to use propaganda to manipulate the population, instead of solving this problem.

By Treadstone 71

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