FLORDIA PUA TUTORIAL – From a hacker group

Alright so this is how you file for PUA claims in florida. A couple things to keep in mind while going through this guide

  • Unemployment can be VERY complicated and it is not “easy”, but it is simple, and once you get the hang of it you will make a lot of money. I learned this by filing for MYSELF first, and then helping a few of my friends do the same thing, and it took ALOT of time and work to be successful.

-There is a standard expectation for what florida accepts and what you can get away with. The regulations are a lot more relaxed but the system is constantly being updated and every case is different.

-I will tell you everything you need to be succesful but you have to be a problem solver as regulations and rules change slightly every so often. for the most part, keep up to date with it and update people accordingly.

-Keep in mind the law of averages, i recommend getting as many profiles going as you can in order to increase your chances of success. you only need ONE to get your moneys worth.


  • Fullz (first, last, security, security, DOB etc and msost importantly THE DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER). You can get from Here : @Miss_ownr_bot
  • Background report of recent places lived and jobs worked.
  • socks5 Proxy, as close to the city you can get
  • Drop account IN THE SAME PERSONS NAME. You CANNOT use prepaid cards but you CAN use Current, or you can make a bank account in the persons name.

-Email account in the applicants name

(optional) Burner line in the applicants name


  1. Go get your fullz. there are places you can buy them, but I recommend being a little more creative, through spamming or hacking to get the right info. if you have any questions about this PM me. And get the fullz and all the tools need for the work
  2. Go to the DEO website and find the FEDERAL REEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE PPROGRAM. this is NOT the connect login for state benefits. GENERALLY it is at this🔹 LINK 🔹THIS IS THE SECRET THAT THEY DONT TELL YOU
  3. Once you have found the portal, you can get to work. In order to get the federal PUA you have to first be DENIED for state benefits. They are TWO SEPARTE WEBSITES, but you have to START your claim on the cstate benefit connect login.
  4. GO to the connect portal and fill out a regular state employment application
    -Use your background report to fill out the employment data correctly. YOU MUST fill out all the jobs they had accordingly BUT YOU HAVE TO FUDGE THE NUMBERS in order to qualify for Federal. Brought to you By Hackingtipp
  • lREMEMBER you can only get FEDERAL if you do NOT QUALIFY for state. In order to not qualify for state YOU HAVE TO LOWER THE INCOME AMOUNT TO A DISQUALIFYING LEVEL. It states very clearly on the website what a disqualifying amount is and you fill out the form accordingly.
    -DONT FORGET, use THEIR REAL JOB but use FAKE NUMBERS, they do not check the amount reported, just that the company reported.
    -MAKE SURE THAT YOU USE THEIR REAL ADDRESS. This will keep the application from getting flagged.
    -MAKE SURE you choose corespondences to go to your email that you created with their phone. Must be a gmail, yahoo etc. They will not get any mail if you do it correctly.
    -When it comes to the phone number this is a gamble. You can use a burner line with their info,that may or may not flag the application for fraud, if it is an out of state number,OR you can use their phone number. If you sue their number and the account gets flagged then your basically screwed.
  1. Set up the payments to be sent to a direct deposit with your drop that you made in the applicants name and send out that application that you know will fail after about 2-3 days. This is where the magic happens.
  2. After the account is flagged, go to the portal that i told you about and begin your applications for federal benefits. Make sure that EVERYTHING THAT YOU PUT IN THE STATE matches the FEDERAL.

By Treadstone 71

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