Monitor Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

The United States will monitor the observance of women’s rights in Afghanistan

The United States and other states intend to closely monitor how women ‘s rights are respected in Afghanistan, the US Department of State said in a statement.

The State Department noted that the statement was signed by:

🇪🇺 European Union,
🇦🇺 Australia,
🇦🇷 Argentina,
🇧🇷 Brazil,
🇬🇧 United Kingdom,
🇨🇦 Canada,
🇳🇴 Norway,
and a number of other countries.

The document emphasizes that countries are “deeply concerned” about the future of girls and women in Afghanistan, including respecting their “rights to education, work and free movement.”

Countries call on “those with power and authority” to guarantee their protection in Afghanistan.

The statement notes that “any form of discrimination” against women “should be prevented”.

They are ready to provide “humanitarian aid and support” to women in Afghanistan.

“We will closely monitor how any future government will enforce the rights and freedoms that have become an integral part of life for women and girls in Afghanistan over the past 20 years,” the document says.