In their own words:

The Taliban spokesman said the IS-K, the terrorist outfit that had carried out deadly attacks in Kabul on Thursday, did not pose any threat. “The ISIS members in Afghanistan are Afghans. They have not come from Iraq or Syria but have been influenced by the idea of Daesh (ISIS). Their objectives were to wage a war against the foreign troops and bring in an Islamic government. After the exit of foreign troops and the implementation of an Islamic system, they would have no reason to continue their activities,” he said

is this true all the ISIS will become Taliban?
If the Taliban make Islamic State, will all the Syrian become Taliban? I am confuse
is this like Olympics competition to see who can make the first Islamic State?
I need a Humvee, is anyone know how much the Taliban are selling for? My Humvee now is old, too much engine problem
also I need some night vision goggle, see how much for me, I need in my big mission I have Kafir head I must to cut off, he is dark man so I need the nightvision for him
very dark skin, black, without the nightvision I cannot get him because I cannot see him

By Treadstone 71

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