Major cyber attack on occupied territories; Information on Israeli banking system leaked to hackers –

An Israeli media outlet reported that the information on the accounts of customers of the Zionist regime’s banking system has fallen into the hands of hackers and is now available to the public online.

At the weekend (ending Saturday), dozens of Israeli sites were hacked and out of reach, according to the Tasnim News International Group, despite the extremely severe news boycotts imposed on Israel’s Hebrew-language base Israel News.

To date, dozens of information bases and databases have been attacked by hackers from different countries around the world, including Turkey and Bangladesh, and slogans in support of Palestinian resistance groups, particularly Hamas, have been placed on its front page, according to the site.

The report continued that hackers uploaded messages in support of the Palestinians and condemnation of the IDF’s attack on the Gaza Strip.

One of the sites attacked is the official Jewish home party base.

Also on Saturday evening, a hacker group announced that it had hacked israel’s banking system and uploaded banking information to a number of customers of various Israeli banks in cyberspace to substantiate its claim.

The Hebrew-language news site published the address of the page where hackers uploaded information about the accounts, claiming it was carried out by Iranian hackers.

Israel News admitted to intensifying media censorship and said that The Israeli media is not allowed to address this issue at this time, so the true dimensions of the attack have not been fully identified until the moment the news is made.

The site advised its contacts not to open any links that they do not have full confidence in and to try to change the passwords of their bank accounts, emails and applications immediately.

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