Site Defacements by Abdo Houha

Transported :
He started a campaign to support Jerusalem and attack Zionist interests

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
Glory be to the one who imprisoned his servant at night from the Haram Mosque to the far mosque around which he blessed us

On the blessing of God, we begin a new campaign in this blessed month and the great days to support our brothers the heroes stationed in Jerusalem and the environs of Jerusalem, our brothers who seek refuge from Muslim sanctities from the defilement of the Zionists and confront the bullets of the occupiers with bare chests.

And we start an electronic campaign to attack the Zionist websites, companies and interests, as Jerusalem and its people are seeking God’s injustice to the sons of Zion, and invites you to support its just cause by praying and participating through electronic media on various platforms to convey the voice of Sheikh Jarrah’s neighborhood that the Zionists want to Judaize.

We call on all Arab and Muslim hackers, and those who have brothers, to contribute to this campaign with all force, so that the Zionists know that the nation of Muhammad does not die, for Palestine is our cause and the cause of all honest and free people in the world.

As a start, several sites were hacked, including:
http: //www.dulot.coil/mikigrin/
#Palestine_My Case
#Jerusalem is ours