At the moment, no one can say for sure where the tankers are now. The captains of the ships turned off the tracking devices several weeks (or even months ago), according to brokerage company Caracas Capital Markets.

Bering switched off a repeater on May 11 in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Greece.

Bella – July 2, Philippines.

Luna and Pandy were last sighted on 10 July in the Gulf of Oman. According to unconfirmed reports, the Pandi tanker was generally sold for scrap.

PANDI, LUNA, BERING and BELLA #Iran, which were supposed to be confiscated in #US, have been confiscated. The four Iranian fuel-carrying ships were bound for the port of Houston, Texas. It is said that the fuel of these ships will be confiscated.

طبق اطلاعات قبلی، لینک‌های زیر، چهار نفتکش PANDI، LUNA، BERING و ‌BELLA #ایران که قرار توقیف آن‌ها در #آمریکا صادر شده بود، توقیف شده‌اند.