NEO Cyber Hits Mansour Intelligence Division – Data & Video

With a qualitative process carried out by our team;  Al-Mansour Intelligence Division was hacked and very important files were withdrawn, they will be published gradually

The first files seized from the Mansour Intelligence Division
It shows the intention of the Daesh gangs to carry out a “suicide operation” inside Baghdad, where the starting point is the “Tarmiya” area.

The second cable that was seized shows the intention of the Daesh gangs to carry out intense terrorist operations
Inside each of (Baghdad, Diyala, Kirkuk) under the guidance of the so-called “Wali of Iraq”

The departure of 34 vehicles from Basra Governorate to the base of #Ain_Al-Assad
Note that the wheels belong to the company (Al-Burhan).

Daesh gangs direct their members to carry out attacks on prisons and courts, the most important of which is Al-Taji prison.
By suicide bombers and explosive belts.

Video of a small part of the hacking operation that affected the Mansour Intelligence Division

عـــــــاجــــــل :
احدى البرقيات التي تم الاستيلاء عليها توضح انطلاق عجلات عدد 18 تابعة الى شركة ( مملكة الطاووس )
و2 عجلة حماية اخرى تابعة لشركة ( صقر البادية ) من البصرة الى قاعدة #عين_الاسد

About a month has passed since the official website of Samarra TV was hacked, and the website is still down until this moment.

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