Was Russia Involved? Images of the WISDOM tanker related to #Iran, targeted by a drone near the port of #Banyas yesterday

The media reported that an Israeli UAV allegedly attacked the oil tanker Wisdom near the port of Baniyas in Syria.  It was also stated about the victims.
There were also strange articles that “the Russian convoy did not save”, and “the attack of the tanker is a direct challenge to Russia”, whose “warships are guarding Iranian tankers and to break the siege of Syria by the States and the EU.”
The military men of “Russian Spring” on the spot managed to find out what really happened.
The UAV attack is completely ruled out, the fire occurred inside the vessel.
It is reliably known that an explosion occurred on the Iranian tanker “Vizdom” (under the flag of Panama) in the middle of the deck due to a short circuit in the electrical network, which caused a fire.  There are no casualties.
The commander of the grouping of Russian troops in the SAR made a decision to send a MI-8 helicopter with a spillway device, he made 6 drops to the fire site with a total volume of 30 m³.
By 18.00 the fire was extinguished, the danger of spillage of fuels and lubricants in the sea was prevented.