KGB defector Anatoly Golitsyn

KGB defector Anatoly Golitsyn, who wrote as early as the 1970s about the fall of the Berlin wall states in his memorandas that the United States, with no clear enemy will be destined to disintegrate, and become the new Weimar republic.

He further wrote:
“One can expect that the Soviet strategists will come forward with  fresh  initiatives  combined  with  deliberate  provocations and crises in order to enhance the role of the United Nations.They will do this because they regard the United Nations as a stepping stone to a future World Government.” p139

In his book, Wedge: The Secret War Between the FBI and CIA, American author Mark Riebling states that of Golitsyn’s 194 predictions, by 1994, 139 had come to fruition, with 46 being “not soon falsifiable.”