The television and radio infrastructure of the Israel cyber attacked

A group of hackers managed to hack the television and radio infrastructure of the Israel.

According to the Yemeni news website Mershad:

The hacker group, which has identified itself as belonging to the Palestinian resistance groups, was able to release clips and audio files by taking control of the broadcasting of several Israeli-owned television and radio stations.

According to the Yedioth Ahronoth news agency, the audio and video content related to the liberation of Jerusalem and the return of the occupied Palestinian territories to their original owners, the numerous social, economic and political weaknesses of the Israel and the readiness of the Palestinian resistance forces against any threat.  It was broadcast by Israel through the radio and television antennas at the disposal of this group.

اخبــــــــــار قود

Palestinian resistance forces against any threat. The position of the Israelis was broadcast on the radio and television at the disposal of this group.

Israel, which in recent years has tried to instill its defense and cyber power in public opinion through extensive propaganda, has not been able to counter the threats and actions of Palestinian resistance groups, examples of which can be seen in the recent clashes in Al-Aqsa Mosque, saw the inefficiency of the Iron Dome in the face of Hamas rocket attacks, the targeting of its ships at sea, this time in the face of the group’s cyber attacks.

Last year, on the eve of Al-Quds Day, a group of hackers attacked the Israel’s cyber infrastructure and hacked thousands of Israeli-affiliated websites, such as the websites of academic collections, single factories, municipalities, etc., and hacked the personal information of thousands of Israelis published publicly.