Jan 20. Inauguration Day in the USA from


There may or may not be a happening that could easily change life in the Western World, forever. Regardless, OPSEC is going to become extremely critical from this point forward. If you are involved in any form of resistance to this anti-White System, then you needed to get your OPSEC on point yesterday. The next best time to do that is right now.

Start with the basics

1. Purge your social media accounts. Get rid of any normie Google, Facebook, Twitter accounts etc. The first place your enemies will look is social media to find your face, occupation, and family. Protect all 3 and get rid of it now. Even if you don’t use your real name, have any pictures of you, and there’s nothing objectionable on there, social media jews are profiting off your data.

2. Start using an encrypted messaging app like Session and encrypt your emails. PGP is imperfect but is basically bullet-proof when implemented properly.

3. Encrypt and hide your web traffic through a VPN and a privacy

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…respecting (no-log) DNS.

4. Remove EXIF data from your photos. Do not trust third parties (like Telegram) to do this for you.

5. Use ridiculously strong passwords that you don’t know, and store them in KeePassXC with another strong password. Practice redundancy and create multiple encrypted backups on different drives for when one inevitably dies.

6. Keep your mouth shut about details that people outside your closest brothers don’t need to know. The reward for turning in thought criminals will only increase as they dehumanize Whites across the board. Remember, the enemy cannot strike a target that it does not know exists.

Hail victory brothers!

By Treadstone 71

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