Fascist warnings for cyber opsec and account purges

Jan 20. Inauguration Day in the USA from @PrivSecGoy There may or may not be a happening that could easily change life in the Western World, forever. Regardless, OPSEC is going to become extremely critical from this point forward. If you are involved in any form of resistance to this anti-White System, then you needed to get your OPSEC on point yesterday. The next best time to do that is right now. Start with the…

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A Safe Place to Hate

A-Safe-Space-to-Hate2 Patriots laid out like firefighters responding to a call- each group had a chief. Like 9/11 command centers. All orange with 1 red. Or sectioned by named groups such as “guardians of republic” “Spies” in the crowd." - documented by a colleague

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Insurrection – armed attacks, sedition, traitors and domestic terrorists

Murder Her name was Ashli Babbit "The flag depicts Ashli Babbit, the Martyr who was shot in the neck (represented by the drop of blood). The 4 stars are for the 4 Martyrs that were killed at the capital. In the background we have the capital where it took place, also red with the blood that was spilled." ProudBoysUncensored. [wpvideo d4umGeSN] @AwakenedOutlaw @ActionableTruth @exposingthelies @westcoastintel @FuryRoad_intel @wokeintelchat @wokeinteldrops @TheConspiracyHole @USvoterfraud @BellumActaNews @ProudBoysUncensored @Boogaloointel @NationalJusticeParty @PrivSecGoy…

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