Still trying to sell “the largest Iranian database”…

Price for sale is: 55K BTC

List of available information:
1. Complete list of financial turnover of presidents, managers, commanders and other important people in the system.
2. A complete list of names of army commanders and elites, law enforcement and the IRGC.
3. Complete list of main people and branches of the anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman, Operations performed, operations in progress, Letters and correspondence secret and top secret with other domestic and foreign organizations.
4. Comprehensive and accurate information about the entry and exit of b.a.n.k.s and financial institutions; Including helping foreign countries and groups to advance political and military goals.
5. The latest news and information from political prisoners in 1388 until now, Underground prisons, killed protesters and etc. with photos and videos.
6. Precise geographical coordinates of military bases inside and outside Iran Along with the exact statistics of each.
7. The exact geographical coordinates of Iran’s nuclear power plants inside and outside the border.
8. Names of Iranian nuclear scientists and elites and their exact address.
9. Coordinates of safe houses of the Ministry of Intelligence in major cities of Iran.
10. Identities of Iranian spies in American and European countries and their addresses.
11. Complete database of: , , and a few other sites.
12. Complete database of mobile and landline operators.
And other information…