Farabi brokerage hacked

“Farabi” brokerage has been hacked and customer information has been offered for sale on the Internet

Farabi hacking agency and sensitive customer information has been placed for sale on some internet forums. During the investigations, the mentioned information includes identification documents, contact number, address and other sensitive information.

This agency has not yet shown any reaction to the hacking and leakage of the mentioned information, and has taken a repetitive and apparently low-cost procedure of not taking a stand and keeping the story secret.

During the past year and due to the economic conditions of the stock market has faced public success at the same time talking about the US sanctions on the Iranian stock market in order to increase pressure on this market and raise economic tensions indicate the aristocracy of the importance of the stock market. An issue that the United States is well aware of. In this direction, customer information security is another important element in the “psychological security” of this sensitive market, which unfortunately is widely ignored.

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