25th Karbala Special Forces Division of the IRGC Edging Towards Armenia

Islamic revolutionary guard corps (IRGC) of Iran is deploying troops and military equipment in the area of Jolfa and Khodafarin on the Artsakh-Iranian border.

As tensions escalate in #Karabakh, #Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps forces have been deployed in the northwestern border region of the country.

Rumors have circulated that Iran has deployed its elite 25th Karbala Special Forces Division of the IRGC to the border of Nagorno-Karabakh

Nagorno-Karabakh, to avoid further spillovers across the Iranian border.

Transfer of the convoy of military equipment of the mechanized brigade of Imam Zaman (AS) of the IRGC, for deployment in the border areas of Khodaafarin and Aslandooz!

Reports of equipment transfer from the 25th Division of the Mazandaran Corps and the 16th Armored Division of the Qazvin Army have also been transmitted.

Ashura base of the IRGC ground force is active in the border area and monitors and monitors border developments and the necessary measures and reinforcements have been taken in accordance with the circumstances.

Sending units from the IRGC ground forces will be in line with the goals and protection of national interests, as well as providing security and peace to the people of the region.

– Cyber Corps of Guards