The Azerbaijani side periodically publishes videos and photographs depicting cases of inhuman treatment of Armenian prisoners of war and the bodies of military personnel.

Of course, these are the most severe war crimes, and their authors, and those who encourage them, should be condemned and punished to the fullest extent.

As part of the ombudsman’s fact-finding mission, we constantly record such cases and prepare relevant closed reports, and also transfer them to the office of the International Committee of the Red Cross so that the necessary measures are taken to return the prisoners of war and bodies.

But I would like to ask our compatriots about a few things:

1.Do not distribute such materials in Armenian circles, because the goal of the Azerbaijani side is precisely to negatively influence the mood of the Armenian society through psychological sabotage.

2. Do not discuss such cases, especially with those involved in the defense of the Motherland.

3.Be careful about accepting what you see as true, because sometimes fake material is being circulated since the Syrian war.

Do not forget that information and psychological security is one of the most important components of the security of the Fatherland, and the less information gets from the Azerbaijani information field into ours, the better.

Ombudsman of the Artsakh Republic Artak Beglaryan