Armenian perspective in their words

Another point that cannot be ignored. Armenia regularly publishes not just videos “from the fields”, but evidence of the defeat of the opponent’s armored vehicles in battle. For example, today – a grenade launcher was planted on a tank. And if not for the Turkish drones, what would the Azerbaijani Armed Forces publish? And this despite the fact that not only Azeri, but also Turkish journalists were on the front line in the very first hours of the attack on Karabakh, on September 27. Where are they now?

This gives the impression that Azerbaijan’s offensive has been stopped or is close to it. And if it were not for Turkey’s help from the air, there would not have been any success at all.

This, in turn, explains why Azerbaijan suddenly switched to massive shelling of Stepanakert. A direct parallel with Donetsk in 2014-15, when after each failure of the Ukrainian army, shells rained down on the city as revenge.