“Unconfirmed: All suburban transit within Minsk has shut down since 18:00 local time. Checkpoints are also being erected along major thoroughfares near city limits.”

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Journalist in Belarus, Ms Hanna Liubakova:
— “Repressions did follow. People are being randomly detained right now in the Minsk city centre. One day before the election.”

“Maryia Maroz, chief of Tsikhanouskaya’s campaign, has been detained a moment ago, for the second time in three days.The reason is not yet clear. She is being taked to a police department in Minsk.”

More arrests in Minsk by unidentified men in unmarked van

“Belarusian security forces are detaining not only cyclists but also skaters”

— “Minsk right now. Looks like another army unit is being deployed in Minsk.

There have been reports that one of battalions of 103 Vitebsk airborne brigade was quartered in southeast Minsk earlier this week

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