Explosion of oil pipes in Sarbandar – A Deception

Multiple oil pipelines exploded into flames on Saturday afternoon in Ma’ashour, Ahwaz, and Sarbandar, all of them in the southwestern province of Khuzestan.


One of the Basijis of the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards was killed!

Saturday morning, after an unprovoked attack by IRGC terrorists on the Arab citizens of the Azadi town of Andimeshk in Khuzestan, clashes and shootings broke out. Arab citizens exercised their right to self-defense against IRGC coercion and oppression.

The Revolutionary Guards deliberately intend to inflame the atmosphere of Khuzestan and then, by linking it to foreigners, obtain the pretext of brutal repression of the youth. This time, all of Iran is defending Khuzestan.


Fortunately, most Saudi media operations are of poor quality and easily recognizable.
They have several features:
– Usually use old and unrelated video and images to claim that OSINT / authentication can be done. Like the news of the Sarbandar pipeline, which in the video is dark / dark and close to sunset / sunrise, but it is claimed that it happened at 1:00 PM and also published at 5:00 PM, none of which corresponds to the video.
– The news starts from non-Iranian and Arabic-language social network accounts, and then a series of newly created or low-credit Persian-language accounts are republished, and then biased telegram channels fuel misinformation / disinformation.

The news about the explosion of the Sarbandar gas pipeline was related to 2 years ago!

Which computer device do you think is confused by the news of the explosion and fire in the United States? Well done, enemy

آتش سوزی در بیمارستان مادر قم

+ امیدواریم هم‌وطنان عزیز در این واقعه دچار اسیب نشده باشند!

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