White Supremacist Chat OPSEC Rules


If you are admin of a group chat, don’t let your opponents lurk into your chat. Don’t let them gather intel. Protect your members and subscribers

How ?
By regularly DELETING all the messages of your chat.

You can either do it manually Or you can use a bot to do so. msg_retention_ubot (Telegram)


– go to your chat

– promote @msg_retention_ubot as an admin

– the bot only needs to have “delete message” right.

– once you added the bot to your chat as admin, just type « /set_retention 24h » in the chat

– The bot will each day automatically delete all message that are more than 24h old, or 12hours old, or 1hour old.

– You can put any number, not necessarily 24h.

– If you put “0h” it will instantly purge the chat.


It is probably not enough to protect you from actual feds with large technical means.

But it is enough to protect your users from lurkers or journalists

More information on the bot here:

Introducing @MSG_Retention_ubot

With the large influx of new users on Telegram from unknown platforms, I figured we needed an automated way to purge chat history to secure message data from people who may try to phish for info.

Add this bot as an admin to any chat, channel, group, literally anything and it’ll delete everything in under a second, that exceeds your set parameter.

/set_retention /status

/set_retention 24h
– will delete everything beyond 24 hours old.
/set_retention 100m
– will delete everything beyond 100 messages ago
– will give current set parameter

This bot will continuously delete as you use the chat as normal, so no need to remember to purge.

Wanna test the bot?
Message the bot @MSG_Retention_ubot directly and practice/ test the functions in his DMs

Useful tip:
Wanna purge EVERYTHING? Set the hours or messages to 0
/set_retention 0h
/set_retention 0m