UPDATE Al-‘Usbatu Al-Tha’ireen threats against the US -Pictures of US Embassy from CCTV

The Embassy of Evil is under our control. We will hit them with out guided missiles.We watch the embassy of evil.Hezbollah of Iraq:No Americans will be killed if the US military withdraws completely from Iraq. We are fighting for our religious duty with the United States, not at the request of either party.We warn the United States of America against any hostile action against us by the Iraqi people.

Note that the C_RAM system is one of the most advanced short range air defense systems deployed at the US Embassy.
Places of defense and radar systems of Ain al-Assad base.We warn American forces.
The missile attack on their bases will continue.Al-Kahf’s group, published pictures of the US embassyYou might say to yourself that these images can also be taken with the camera of the phone from the side of the embassy, but with a little attention, you will understand that these images were taken from the CCTV camera, which shows that the CCTV cameras were hacked by this group.

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