Cyber Attack of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Penetrate Emails of WHO Staff

Reuters reports that a group of hackers linked to Iran’s ruling regime have attempted to hack into the email accounts of a number of WHO staff working in connection with the Corona crisis. Four knowledgeable sources have told Reuters that hackers have been trying to steal passwords by sending phishing emails. The attacks began on March 2. A spokesman for the World Health Organization has confirmed that the personal emails of a number of its employees have been targeted by phishing attacks. According to Reuters, their research shows that none of these hacker attacks have been successful so far.Reuters had earlier reported that the number of cyberattacks against UN agencies and cooperating organizations with the institution had more than doubled since the start of the Corona outbreak.Warnings of Hezbollah Iraqi Battalions to AmericaKataab Hezbollah group member of the Al-Hashed al-Shaabi Organization:
We recognize the criminal nature of the Trump administration and warn them of any hostile action against the Iraqi people and Iraqi groups.