Hashad Sha’abi denied

Hashad Sha’abi denied the assassination of one of his commanders

Hezb-e-Sha’bi denies news of the assassination of a senior official on social media

Arrested in Iraq

Saleh al-Fayyad, #Iraq’s national security adviser and one of the leaders of # Hashed al-Sha’abi, was arrested at #Baghdad International Airport by US security forces under heavy security.

Assassination of a senior Branch Commander by unknown persons

Talib Abbas al-Saadi, commander of the Karbala Brigade of the Shi’ite militia, was assassinated tonight in Baghdad in an attack by unknown gunmen.

Assassinate a Branch Chief Commander

Al-Furat Network quoted a security source as saying the assassination of one of the commander’s chiefs. The source said Talib Abbas al-Saadi, the commander of the Karbala-e Shi’ite Shi’ite Brigade, was assassinated in Baghdad tonight in an unidentified gunman attack.

The network did not provide further details.