Lordegan, Chenar Mahmoudi AIDS epidemic caused by Iranian government with infected needles

How does a country mistakenly infect 400 people with HIV? A remote area. All needles pre-infected with HIV. A coincidence?

#Iran Critical Situation and Severe Repression of People in Lordegan / People Mourning for AIDS Patients

A resident of Chenar Mahmoudi contacted Amadnews to report that Chenar Mahmoudi’s situation is in critical condition and that security forces are under severe repression and mass arrests.

“Our situation is very critical, the number of detainees is very high, we have 110 people with AIDS in our two families,” he wrote. Night and day, mourning families. Our family statistics may be even higher than this number. Most parts of the Chinar have been quarantined. Mr. Zam, give this women, men, and children a chance! Chinar became leper’s village listen and control all the Chinar’s phones.

#Iran October 5, Lordegan Bakhtiari’s courageous people have risen. More than 300 innocent women and children have been infected with AIDS by government officials, and the government has concealed this human crime by slandering families (being addicted and risking sex relationships).

The villagers of Chenar Mahmoudi village, affected by AIDS-infested syringes in Lordegan, have rallied in front of the governorate.

They are very angry: Health officials went to Chenar Mahmoudi village for blood glucose testing a few days ago and after some time around 400 villagers were infected with AIDS-infected syringes #HIV

nstead of addressing the pain of the people, the criminal regime prevented the spread of the news and sent a special unit to suppress any dissent.

🔴#Iran AIDS-infected syringes are distributed throughout the country. In this video, one of our compatriots reported an infected syringe distributed in pharmacies.

Earlier this month, “Amadnews” had announced the purchase of contaminated and counterfeit medical equipment from China at a very low price on the order of Health Minister “Saeed Nemaki”.

Yesterday, a letter was released to Amadnews, citing the Minister of Health’s order to the director general of the country’s laboratories. The letter was falsely denied by media affiliated with the Islamic Republic, with several compatriots reporting for no response in AIDS labs on the result papers.

resident of the village says: A long time ago, free blood pressure and blood pressure tests were performed in health centers in Iran.

A person in the village said the goverment gave AIDS-infected syringes, to people when performing blood sugar tests and The syringes were infected with #AIDS.

Bakhtiari University of Medical Sciences has confirmed that a number of villagers in AIDS have contracted the virus.

Uprising Protests

300 Women and children were killed by government without remorse.

Despite the presence of repressive forces, the people of Lordegan did not back down and protested in solidarity.


The Friday prayer of the Lordegan’s Imam house, who had threatened yesterday in Friday prayer that if people protests they will crackdown, was set on fire.