Drone hits Hezbollah Car

CCTV footage of Hezbollah fighters targeted in a car on the Syrian-Lebanese border by Israeli drones shows that the car was completely evacuated before it was targeted, and no casualties were reported.A newly released video of the Israeli army’s IDF UAV drone strike on a car carrying a senior Hezbollah commander in the “new Yabus” of Quneitra near the Lebanese-Syrian border.The occupants were not harmed in the attack. According to informed sources: Undoubtedly, this was a warning to Hezbollah terrorists and the aim was not to kill them.


The image above, the place marked with the number 1‌ is the first blast point, the effects of which can be seen.The point marked with the number 2 is a wheelbarrow located 1 to 2 meters from the first blast site.In the next image above, the point marked with the number 3 is the same as the wheelbarrow, which, despite the distance of 1 to 2 meters from the site of the explosion, has not received visible damage.There are three hypotheses (from Iran’s perspective)1- The first firing missile was not of the second firing missile type and did not have much explosive power, so the drone present on the scene did not intend to assassinate the occupants of the car.2. The explosion was caused by equipment in the car, which is not consistent with the location of the first explosion before unloading the occupants.3. Both missiles are of the same type and there was equipment in the car that was being transported to Lebanon to strengthen Hezbollah’s arsenal, so the intensity of the second explosion was due to the presence of the same equipment.

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