Radar mms expects to create a fully electric helicopter-type drone by the end of 2021

JSC “NPP” Radar mms “is developing a line of drones, which includes tiltrotors, UAVs of helicopter and aircraft types, including fully electric ones. A fully electric drone of a helicopter type should be created by the end of 2021, soon after that a tiltrotor with electric power will be presented  installation.

Universal UAVs developed by “Radar mms” operate in the temperature range from +45 to -70 degrees and can be operated in the Arctic.  One of the products in the line is a sea-based UAV with a takeoff weight of 600 kg, which is relevant for the delivery of sea cargo to the platform.  The company is currently working on a sea landing and in the next year and a half will be able to provide services for the delivery of goods to offshore platforms.