Much has been written on the topics over a couple of years. Here is the instructional video from Professor Yaser Balaghi – استاد یاسر بلاغی or Engineer Yaser Balaghi – مهندس یاسر بلاغی

میثم خوشبختی and مسعود آقاجانی

Arad Systems

(64MB MP4)

Other trainings from Professor Balaghi

– unhide (22MB MP4

More on ASP/.NET/AJAX – ybtrainings2 (99MB zip file)

Yaser Balaghi training time at the University of Applied Science and Technology – Tehran (adjunct style continuing Ed class)


Yaser Balaghi office hours 8-2 every Thursday along with email to his address (last entry)


Reported to be Mehdi Mahdavi

MM (Whois Guard protected – Panama registry – Cloudflare)

“Mehdi Mahdavi was born on August 2, 1987 and currently lives in Tehran, Iran. He studied at the Islamic Azad University. Mehdi Mahdavi is apart of Rocket Kitten and he has been closely affiliated with Yaser Balaghi. Rocket Kitten has conducted two campaigns. One of them, involved spear-phishing emails designed to distribute a piece of malware called GHOLE. The threat, which is a modified version of a legitimate penetration testing tool from Core Security, gives attackers remote access to the infected machine and the target’s corporate network. The second campaign is far more sophisticated. The operation, dubbed “Woolen-GoldFish,” is most likely a state-sponsored campaign per Trend Micro.

They seems to be particularly interested in the defense industry, government entities, the IT sector, and academic organizations. Based on the contents of the files attached to the spear-phishing emails, researchers believe the attackers have targeted civilian and academic organizations in Israel, German-speaking government organizations, and public and private organizations in Europe.

There is a good detailed video from the 31st Chaos Communication Congress of the Chaos Computer Club. Based on his registered domains his contact emails are and”

MehdiMahdavi – 728 Followers



Proud of this hack September 4, 2011 ·
HDFC Bank, India’s largest information through!
The settled, zSecure hacker group was able to use a SQL Injection vulnerability Hindi reliable access to data banks

Kheshtak Security Team - Iranian Cyber News

Recognize some from Ashiyane Digital Security

bmybsites and .pro sites along with site – circumstantial – color schemes.






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