DC Metro Area – FS-ISAC Cyber Threat Intelligence Training (Mar. 14-17, 2016) – Reston, Virginia

**PLEASE NOTE** This is a training program hosted by FS-ISAC and conducted by Jeff Bardin (Treadstone 71). The training is open to FS-ISAC member organizations and subject to approval.

The cost of this program is $2,500 per attendee, representing an FS-ISAC member savings of 33%!

Breakfast, Lunch, and snack will be provided daily.
Dress is business casual.

Deadline to register is March 7, 2015.  REGISTRATION HERE 

NOTE: Registration is limited to the first 16 participants.

Sample Syllabus

Sample Syllabus
Course Introduction – Intro to OSINT; Basics of Intelligence and Effective Analysis
Analytic Writing, Open Source collection methods, techniques and tools – Socio-Cultural Aspects
DAY TWO Critical Thinking and Types of Analysis – Class Task – OSINT Target – Cyber HUMINT
DAY THREE Structured Analytic Techniques – Analysis of Competing Hypothesis – Continue Targeting –  Cognitive Bias – Denial and Deception – Problem Solving – Continuing Targeting
DAY FOUR Team analysis, Decomposition/Reductionism, Synthesis – Analytic Presentations/Writing – Gap Analysis
OSINT Team Presentations – Disclosure

The training will start at 8:00am on Day One and finish approximately at 5:00pm on Day Four.

FS-ISAC will be hosting a week long Cyber Threat Intelligence Training Program at the FS-ISAC Security Operations Center (SOC). The event will be held Monday-Thursday and will include breakfast, lunch and snack as well as the training program. Attendees must bring a laptop (no iPads) and purchase the required text book.


NOTE: Registration is limited to the first 16 participants.

Course Requirements

 Class room requirements
All attendees need to take the following test (free) prior to class.  Attendees need to record the resultant Myers-Briggs personality type and bring that to class.
Attendees must purchase the course book: The above quote does not include the course bookhttp://www.amazon.com/Analyzing-Intelligence-Origins-Obstacles-Innovations/dp/1589012011/ref=sr_1_14?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1386612204&sr=1-14&keywords=intelligence+analysis.
Attendees must bring laptops where they can install anything they wish (Admin rights) and laptops without normal corporate security controls
Mac and Microsoft okay (tablets not ok)
Laptop requirements:
– No corporate controls (no content control or filters – AV and Firewalls are ok)
– CD/DVD not required
– Admin / Local Root access (must be able to install software)
– Windows / Apple ok
– No tablets
– 4GB RAM/DRAM (laptop with 1.5 GB should be fine)
Breakfast, Lunch and Snack are included and will be provided daily

Technical Level Expected of Attendees:
* Ability to install software on laptops
* Knowledge of social media
* Knowledge of web browsers and search engines


  • When

  • Monday, March 14, 2016 – Thursday, March 17, 2016
    8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Eastern Time