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vyprvpn_logo_rgbWhat is a VPN and why should you be using one?

The Australian Government’s recent data retention law is just the latest attack on online freedom and user privacy throughout the world. As more Governments take steps to spy on and censor its internet users, there is a simple step you can take to protect your online privacy and stop government snooping, and that is by using a VPN service.


Using a VPN such as VyprVPN ( I currently have a yearly plan with them ) you can encrypt all of your online communications both on your personal computer and your mobile devices. When you go online, your real IP address will be hidden so the internet and your ISP will only see the IP address of the VPN server. In addition to this, your connections will be encrypted, so your ISP will not be able to monitor your browsing activity. Why? Because your IP address is a personal identifier that keeps a record of what you do online.

The dangers of public Wi-Fi.

If you ever connect to the internet from somewhere like a coffee shop, airport of any other public place that has free Wi-Fi then your privacy and personal information are at risk. Public Wi-Fi is notoriously insecure as anyone can connect to it. Hackers can easily intercept your data on a public Wi-Fi. That means getting access to your usernames, passwords and other personal information. Using a VPN will encrypt and secure your connection.

Geographic location blocking.

VPN’s can also get around geographic location blocks. The top VPN service providers will have server locations around the world. If you are in the USA for example and you want to access the BBC’s iPlayer, you wouldn’t be able to as the iPlayer is only available to UK users. When the iPlayer sees you are trying to connect to it from an IP address in the USA you would be blocked. However, if you used a VPN service with a server location in the UK, you would be able to connect to the UK server and the iPlayer would then see that you are connecting to it from an IP address in the UK and grant you access.VYPR__50_Percent_Off_First_Month__336x280_English_Animated

VyprVPN have also created their own DNS service to defeat DNS censorship. Repressive governments use DNS “man in the middle” attacks to censor websites or internet services.  For example, governments in China, Iran and Turkey can intercept your DNS request when you attempt to visit and redirect you to an error page.

VyprVPN for Android, Windows, Mac and iOS. Take a look at the GoldenFrog and VyprVPN – starts with a few days to kick the tires.