Sample of Documents Available through Treadstone 71

Below is a sample listing of data available through the Treadstone 71 subscription service.  Targeted as required and available for subscription access and download.  From audio lectures and video instruction pieces to methods of IED placement and use of chemicals..


 Treadstone 71 Open Source Data
Inspire Summer 2010 – Inspire Fall 2010 – Inspire Special Edition November 2010 – Inspire Winter 2010 (all)
How to Start a Jihadist Media Organization

How to Setup an Ambush – The Art of Recruiting

Taliban Rules of Conduct

Where and How to Plant Bombs in Public Places – Gisted Translation

Jihad Recollections (all)                  Forensics                           Inspire Magazines (all)                     Dabiq Magazines (all)

Issue 1                                                Forensic Info

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Al-Qa’eda-Taliban Jihad Arab Mind Views on Extremist Islam
Training Manual 111 Verses of Jihad in the Qur’an Arab Social and Cultural Values Abu Musab al-Suri
War of Atrocities 44 Ways to Support Muslims Creed – Minhaj Media Strategies
Bin Laden Declaration of War 39 Ways to Serve Concept and Meaning of Wajh Alms for Jihad Charity
Ruling of a Muslim Spy Course in the Art of Recruiting The Fahlawi Lesson in Network Warfare
Islamic Reformation Jihad in Islam Cyber Extremism in Web 2.0
KSM Testimony Join the Caravan Shabaab – Somalia Cyber Herding
Jihad Against the Tyrants Mujahideen Rulebook 2006 Raid on the HQ for th Employers of Apostasy – Mogadishu Cyber Jihad Brief
The Absent Obligation A Young Mujahid Illustrated Islam Guide
No Charity and No Jihad The Book of Jihad Europe Recruitment
Siege of the Traitors Understanding Jihad Jihadi Web Media
True Islamic Concept of Jihad Reality and Role – Jihadist Media Jihadism Online
War for Life Road The Blazing Light – Inciting Jihad (Word) (PDF) Paths to Global Jihad Radicalization
Raid on Manhattan – Part 1 Jihadi Cyber Tools Radical Islam and Martyrdom Operations
Raid on Manhattan – Part 2 Mujahideen Secrets v1 Structures of Jihadist Terror Cells – Europe
Jalal al-Din Haqqani – A Legend in the History of Afghanistan Jihad Mujahideen Secrets v2 Strategist Abu Mus’ab al-Suri – Profile
A Message from Hakeemulla Mehsud Mobile Secrets Naval Post Graduate School – Analysis of the Taliban Handbook
Regarding the Imprisonment of Some Members of the Family in Iran – Bin Laden Extremist Views – eBook Views on Extremist Islam/Trustworthy Advisor.pdf
In Fight 15 Kandahar Jihad – Holy War – eBook
In Fight 16 Kandahar Jihadi Cyber Tools/How to use Mujahideen Secrets Version 2 – Adam Gadhan (Azzam the American)
AlQaeda – Taliban/Martyrdom of the Heroes and the Betrayal of the Rulers – Thawahiri.pdf Jihadi Cyber Tools/Doraah.rar Video-Audio/Adam Gadahn Threatens President
AlQaeda – Taliban/National Unity – A Worshipped Idol – Thawahiri.pdf Jihadi Cyber Tools/Malware Encryptor.rar Video-Audio/Adam Yehiye Gadahn aka Azzam al-Amriki  Legitimate
AlQaeda – Taliban/Swat Victory or Martyrdom – Al-Libi.pdf Video-Audio/Another Black Conservative  Adam Gadahn
AlQaeda – Taliban/Al_Qaeda_Media_Strategies.pdf Video Games Video-Audio/The Mujahideen Don’t Target Muslims part
AlQaeda – Taliban/An Interview with Sheikh Mustafa AbulYazeed.pdf America’s Hell Video-Audio/The Mujahideen Don’t Target Muslims Part
AlQaeda – Taliban/Martyrdom versus Suicide.pdf Night of Bush Capturing Video-Audio/Adam Gadhan –
How to Open Car Doors Video-Audio/U.S.-Born Al-Qaida Member Addresses U.S.
Mujahid Sheikh Abdul Majid Abdul Majid Adam Gadahn – Legitimate Demands (MS Word)
Adam Gadahn – Legitimate Demands – MP3 Adam Gadahn – Legitimate Demands – Video
Al-Libi Audio on Yazeed Death
Omar Hammami (Abu Mansoor al-Amriki)
Video-Audio/Ambush at Bardale [1 3].zip
Video-Audio/’American’ Jihadist’s gloating
Video-Audio/Beginning of the End – Omar
The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Salafism Various Jihadi-Terrorist Propaganda
Biographical Vignette Salafi Doctrine Anwar al-Awlaqi  (Sermons – MP3) A Believer is Not Stung Twice
Fourteen Wives Islamic Traditions of Wahhabism and Salafism Awlaqi/01 Paradise [Part One].zip A Message to Every Youth
Notable Dates Awlaqi/02 Dreams Of The Companions & Example 11112009 Abu Mansoor al-Amriki
Muhammad Awlaqi/06 6(6) – Jihad The definition of defeat – 10242009 – Abu Musab az-Zarqawi
Awlaqi/6-06 CD6 – The Life of Muhammad – PBUH – The Battle of Khaibar – Adil Kamil Remembers
Video/Audio Awlaqi/
Attack on NATO Terminal – Peshawar Awlaqi/Beyond al-Wala’ w’al-Bara’
Bagdadi Sniper Islam Awlaqi/ Condemnation of Democratic Processes
Comments to the European Union – UBL 99 Names for Allah Awlaqi/ Defense of the Muslim Lands
On Palestine – UBL Basic Islamic Beliefs Awlaqi/ Escape from Bagram (Part 1) – (Part 2)
On Somalia – UBL Ethics of the Qur’an Awlaqi/ Jihad and the Effects and Intents Upon It
On Obama Winning – Ayman Thawahiri Islam – a Primer Awlaqi/ Refuting the Conspiracies Around As-Sahab Media
Madrid Bombing (Warning – Explicit Pictures) Islam 101 Awlaqi/ Ruling Regarding Killing Oneself to Protect Info
Martyrdom of Heros – Thawahiri The Call to Prayer Awlaqi/ Self Sacrificial Operations
On Gaza – Thawahiri What Does an Islamic Year Look Like Awlaqi/Its.a.War.Against.Islam – The Giant Man
On Sudan – Thawahiri Awlaqi/ – Video in Arabic 5/22/2010 The Clarification of What Happened in America
Video-Audio/Little Mujahids – Awlaqi/ The Clarification Regarding Intentionally Targeting Women and Children
Video-Audio/Sniper Awlaqi/ The Path to the Land of the Battle
Video-Audio/The Path of Doom – Ayman Awlaqi/ This is Our Aqeedah
IED/IED Blowing up vehicle – Awlaqi/ Verdict Regarding Permissibility of Martyrdom Operations
Kunar Province Attack on US Convoy Awlaqi/ Who Are the Taliban
French Prisoner – Video Awlaqi/State of the Who Are Qadyani
Video-Audio/UBL – NY and Washington Awlaqi/ Quiet Talk with Obama
Abu Musab Abdul Wadud – Top Al-Qa’eda in Algeria Awlaqi/ Campaign to Suppress Islam
Awlaqi/ Between the Islamists and the Liberals
Explosives – Poisons – Sniper Information (some taken directly from published books and US military manuals) Awlaqi/
Making IEDs – Iraq 4/2010 Awlaqi/
How to Become a Suicide Bomber Awlaqi/
Mujahideen Explosives Handbook A Call to Jihad (PDF)
Terrorist – Explosives Awlaqi/Anwar Al-Awlaki On Bombings In Marketplaces –
Alternative Motivations for IED use in Afghanistan
Mujahideen Poisons Handbook Explosives – Poisons – Sniper Information (some taken directly from published books and US military manuals)
A guide to field manufactured explosives IED/Cell Phone Detonation – How
A Multiple Capability Sympathetic Detonator System for US Special Forces IED/Cell Phone Detonation-2 – How
IED/ALENGOSVIG’s How-to upped by metafractal.pdf The Explosives Course
IED/Car Bomb Recognition Guide.pdf
IED/CIA Improvised Sabotage Devices.pdf
IED/CIA Remote Detonation.pdf
IED/Composite Rocket Fuels.pdf
IED/conductivity of explosives.pdf
IED/Crystallization and Characterization of RDX HMX and CL-20.pdf
IED/Detection of Explosives by Electronic Noses.pdf
IED/Detection of Nitro aromatic Explosives.pdf
IED/Explosive Dusts by Lecker.pdf
IED/Explosive Principles by Robert Sickler.pdf
IED/Explosives and Propellants from Commonly Available Materials.pdf
IED/High Explosives and Propellants by Fordham.pdf
IED/Magician’s Arsenal Professional Tricks of the Trade by Lee Scott (1993).pdf
IED/Middle Eastern Terrorist Bomb Designs.pdf
IED/Sniper Rifle M40A1 & Related Optical Equip.pdf
IED/SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle.pdf
IED/The Chemistry of Explosives by Jacqueline Akhavan (1998).pdf
IED/US Marine Corps FMFM 1-3B Sniper Manual.pdf
IED/Us Military Field Manual – Sniper Training.pdf
IED/Making an IED –
IED/Making PETN –
IED/Making poison
IED/CBS News on
Ricin – Arabic
Electronic Warfare – Arabic
Close Combat – Arabic
Video-Audio/Statements Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab –
IED/Small drone shot
Top Ten Martyrdom Operations – Iraq
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