bin laden

Sample of Documents Available through Treadstone 71

Below is a sample listing of data available through the Treadstone 71 subscription service.  Targeted as required and available for subscription access and download.  From audio lectures and video instruction pieces to methods of IED placement and use of chemicals.. FATWA ON SUICIDE BOMBINGS AND TERRORISM  Treadstone 71 Open Source Data Inspire Summer 2010 - Inspire Fall 2010 - Inspire Special Edition November 2010 - Inspire Winter 2010 (all) How to Start a Jihadist Media…

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9/11 Anniversary – Postings from our Adversaries Ensuring We Never Forget

Below are links to a series of documents covering various aspects of the struggle against extremist Islam. The hatred exhibited by the likes of Bin Laden, Zawahiri and others is legendary. The extent they will go to murder innocent people, universal. The documents below vary from parts 1 and 2 of the 'Raid on Manhattan' compilation by Salafi Jihadists to court information on Zawahiri and the indictment of Adam Gadahn. In addition, the long forgotten,…

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