Your question seems to be too general. However, Islam does stand for

better cooperation and communications with nations who are not

destroying and fighting us.  This is clearly stated in Almighty Allah’s

saying: “Allah forbiddeth you not those who warred not against you on

account of religion and drove you not out from your homes, that ye should

show them kindness and deal justly with them. Lo ! Allah loveth the just

dealers. Allah forbiddeth you only those who warred against you on

account of religion and have driven you out from your homes and helped

to drive you out, that ye make friends of them. Whosoever maketh friends

of them (All) such are wrong doers.” (Al-Mumtahanah: 8-9).  This means

that one should differentiate between those enemies who are killing our

innocent and helpless Muslims around the world and those enemies who

help or assist them in doing so.  

 In addition to that, one has to do his best to tackle and hack those sites

which are meant to murder and kill Muslims. Furthermore, Muslims

should be able to discover the plans and strategies of our enemies in order

for them to come up with strategies that will protect us against the attacks

of the enemies.

In this regard, I shall say there is no harm or prohibition to hack any site

meant to destroy Muslims or occupy our lands. It is a legitimate right to

defend ourselves by using all possible means and tools including hacking

and destroying those evil sites.

By Treadstone 71

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