Africa – Where Counter-Terrorism and Modernization Meet

One more fascinating/outstanding effort by the new Kansas State Dragon Team. This time we researched the major powers’ use of Drones on bicoastal AOs in Africa. Many interesting conclusions and lots of resources involved. The false flag is counter-terrorism. The real agenda is resources: gold, diamonds, cotton. China continues it “Take and Talk strategy” in Africa and the Spratly Islands back in its home territory of the South China Seas.

We next intend to look at China’s interference with India and Pakistan. The next war will be by Drone proxy – as predicted. Too much UAS  investment by so many big players to leave them dormant.   Or it might be very subtle like disruption of GPS communications or replay of navigation bridge signals on US  naval assets.


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  • Kansas State University


9/11 Anniversary – Postings from our Adversaries Ensuring We Never Forget

Below are links to a series of documents covering various aspects of the struggle against extremist Islam. The hatred exhibited by the likes of Bin Laden, Zawahiri and others is legendary. The extent they will go to murder innocent people, universal. The documents below vary from parts 1 and 2 of the ‘Raid on Manhattan’ compilation by Salafi Jihadists to court information on Zawahiri and the indictment of Adam Gadahn. In addition, the long forgotten, Jihad Recollections, the precursor to the Inspire magazine is included with their 9/11 anniversary version. The readings will elicit various emotions and responses. What we seek is to remember and stay vigilant. This is a war that is not temporary.

Raid on Manhattan Part 1

RaidonManhattan-Part1 Word doc

Raid on Manhattan Part 2

RaidonManhattan-Part2 Word doc

Jihad Recollections 9/11 (September 2009)

Jihad Recollections 911 – September 2009 PDF

Khalid Sheikh Muhammad Courtroom Testimony

Khalid Sheikh Muhammad – Testimony PDF

Adam Gadahn indictment

Adam Gadhan – indictment PDF

Reactions on the Death of Usama Bin Laden

Reactions on the Death of UBL Word doc

Read, understand, remain vigilant

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