Structure of the psychological operations forces of the GRU

Estonian intelligence broke up in another report. The structure of the psychological operations forces of the GRU. Russia seeks to use the pandemic to spread its influence, to move to a multipolar world based on the use of Russian concepts. Russia seeks to use the situation to undermine the unity of the Western world, which was divided by borders due to the pandemic. The Estonian report stated about "growing activity on the part of the…

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Russians, journalism and espionage

Spies from Russia's military intelligence unit (GRU) entered while posing as two female journalists from The Telegraph to the investigative bodies of the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal with Novichok in Salisbury in 2018. (1/6) Russian spies set up fake accounts to send emails to investigative units in the UK and the Netherlands, impersonating The Telegraph's consumer writer Kate Morley and contributing writer Helen Russell. (2/6) They sent 39 emails to the Organisation for…

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